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Eggs all day: 3 yolky recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner parties

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Southern Kitchen's breakfast casserole


3 yolk-tastic recipes that will help you eat eggs all day long

Whether fried, scrambled, poached or boiled, eggs are truly one of the most versatile ingredients in our kitchens. And when mixed into quiche custards or whipped up with mustard for deviled eggs, they can transform into ready-to-entertain dishes for any time of day. Bring complementary ingredients like breakfast sausage, crab and cheese to the party and you'll never look at eggs the same way again.

Here are our top three recipes that bring eggs to the forefront.

Southern Kitchen's Breakfast Casserole
What do you get when you combine the three best breakfast foods — eggs, sausage and grits — into one party-friendly skillet dish? Our favorite early morning casserole, of course. Even with all that goodness and a big dose of cheddar cheese, the eight scrambled eggs mixed into this casserole are the true heroes. They bring the whole dish together wtih belly-filling protein that still manages to be light and fluffy. We've fancied it up wtih some charred tomatoes and scallions to give the casserole a nicer look for entertaining, but you can easily cut this step if you want to eliminate an extra dish (we won't tell, we promise). Or if you want to win extra points, bake and serve the cassrole in the picture-perfect 12-inch cast iron skillet from Smithey.
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Crab and Spinach Quiche
If you're throwing a Sunday afternoon luncheon, there's nothing like an extra-large quiche, especially one filled with tender crab, earthy spinach and close to half a dozen eggs. The custard filling in our quiche recipe bakes up ultra-lush and silky smooth with the addition of two extra egg yolks. (A full 4 cups of grated cheese doesn't hurt either.) Holding the whole thing together is Southern Kitchen's signature cream cheese pie dough, which will truly revolutionize your pie-baking. Between the easy mixing step and total lack of counter-sticking, this crust recipe is truly no muss, no fuss — exactly what you need when you're entertaining.
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Classic Deviled Eggs
Whether you’re hosting a summer cookout, elegant cocktail party or holiday gathering, these deviled eggs will be a huge at any dinner party. We start with a fool-proof method for making perfectly hard-boiled eggs with no grey rings in sight. Next, we make a super-smooth filling, perked up with zesty mustard, briny capers and tangy pickles. Finally, we pipe the filling back into the yolks for an Instagram-worthy finish. Chives and paprika are classic garnishes but feel free to play with your own variations — the world is your egg.
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