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mashed garlic sweet potatoes

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Mashed Garlic Sweet Potatoes


Eat your vegetables this Thanksgiving with these 3 delicious side dish recipes

Behind any successful Thanksgiving dinner is an amazing array of side dishes. Rich and creamy or fresh and crisp, these vegetable-forward sides work perfectly alongside a traditional Thanksgiving turkey or as part of a hearty vegetarian-friendly meal — and of course, as left-overs.

Here are our favorite 3 side dishes that are sure to be a bright and delicious addition to your spread. 

Mashed Garlic Sweet Potatoes
A colorful twist on classic mashed potatoes, this will be your new favorite Thanksgiving side — thanks in part to a healthy amount of garlic. If time allows, try roasting the potatoes in their jackets (remember to prick them with a fork first!) in a 375 degree oven for about an hour instead of boiling them to amplfy their nutty, sweet flavor.   
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Mom's Homemade Green Bean Casserole 
There's nothing that says the holidays like a delicious layer of cheese over hot and bubbly vegetables straight from the oven. For an added layer of decadence (it's ok, you deserve it!), sprinkle on some crispy fried onions just before serving. 
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Apple Salad with Fennel and Walnuts 
Add some color to your Thanksgiving table with this bright autumn salad that can be assembled in a matter of minutes. Crisp slices of apples and fennel tossed with spicy arugula and crunchy roasted walnuts creates a flavorful, guilt-free side dish. 
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