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Srirancha Sauce

Maura Friedman

Srirancha Sauce


Ditch the sauce packets for these 3 tasty (and easy!) fried chicken dips

What better way to complete your fried chicken meal during fried chicken week than with the perfect dipping sauce? From sweet to savory, and with the right amount of kick, the perfect sauce can take your fried dish from delicious to unforgettable. Better yet, all of the featured sauces below can be whipped up in 20 minutes or less — just don't forget to make extra!   

Try out one or all 3 of these dipping sauces for your next fried chicken feast. 

Srirancha Sauce
This spicy update on classic buttermilk ranch will be your next go-to dip any time you want a little bit of heat, thanks to ever-popular Thai Sriracha hot chili sauce. With endless possibilities (drizzled on eggs in the morning is a breakfast game changer), plan on doubling up on this versatile sauce, which can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days. 
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Mississippi Comeback Sauce
An old Southern standard, comeback sauce is a smokey, spicy play on a remoulade sauce — our version adds in just the right amount of curry powder for extra depth of flavor. Once you've eaten your fill of fried chicken (if that's even a thing that can happen), this sauce goes great slathered on a grilled cheese sandwich or used as a savory dressing on salad.  
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Hot Pepper Jelly
Craving something a little sweet to go with your fried chicken? Next time, ditch the honey packet and whip up this sweet and spicy jelly. A triple-pepper punch of poblanos, jalapeños and habaneros gives this sauce the perfect amount of heat to balance out any fried dish you can find. (Its accompanying fritter recipe is down right addictive too.)
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Photo credit (Hot Pepper Jelly): Ramona King 

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