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Shrimp Po'Boys with Quick Remoulade

Maura Friedman

Shrimp Po'Boys with Quick Remoulade


Celebrate National Sandwich day with these Southern sandwiches

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?  Po’boys and barbecue sandwiches quickly come to mind when you think of the South but there are plenty of other delicious options to choose from in the region. To celebrate National Sandwich day we’ve rounded up some truly Southern favorites. 

While these sandwiches haven’t been chosen officially by government officials, these sandwiches have been chosen by Southern Living as true representatives of each Southern state. Each state’s sandwich “illustrates its people, its natural resources and its spirit.”

Here is the official sandwich of every Southern state: 

Alabama: BBQ Chicken sandwich with White Sauce

The mayonnaise-based white sauce has been topping Alabama-style chicken sandwiches since 1925 when a railway worker in Decatur, Alabama decided to start smoking barbecue in his backyard. 

Arkansas: Fried Catfish sandwich

Throughout Arkansas you can easily find a fried catfish sandwich on the menu. Ask for hushpuppies on the side to complete the experience. 

Florida: Cuban sandwich

This sandwich is a Latin variation of a grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich that you can find throughout Florida. It is also known as a Cubano, and is pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles grilled between Cuban bread. 

Georgia: Pimento Cheese Sandwich

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Augusta to eat the official sandwich of the Masters, it’s easy to make at home. Find the recipe here. 

Kentucky: The Hot Brown

Louisville’s most famous sandwich was created in the 1920’s when chef Fred Schmidt topped an open-faced turkey sandwich with bacon and Mornay sauce. 

Louisiana: Shrimp Po’Boy

Created in New Orleans in the late 1920s, a Po’Boy can be topped with everything including crab, crawfish and fried oysters but Louisiana’s favorite is a shrimp Po’Boy.

Maryland: Soft Shell Crab sandwich

A late spring and early summer treat soft shell crabs are “any crab that has molted within the past 12 hours.” During this period of time the entire crab can be eaten with the gills and parts of the abdomen removed. Before it’s served on a sandwich the crabs are typically fried.  

Mississippi: Pig Ear and Smokes sandwiches

This delicacy can be found at the Big Apple Inn Restaurant in Jackson. The “smokes” are their version of tamales that are chopped smoked sausage sandwiches and vary in heat. If you’re daring enough try the pig ear sandwich. 

North Carolina: Pulled pork with vinegar BBQ sauce

North Carolina is pulled pork country and vinegar barbecue sauce completes a pulled pork sandwich. The tangy tart flavor of the vinegar compliments the pulled pork creating the perfect sandwich.

South Carolina: Fried Oyster sandwich

Similar to a Po’Boy, the fried oyster sandwich is served on a bun instead of a French baguette. 

Tennessee: Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich

Head to Hattie B’s in Nashville for this classic, spicy and flavorful sandwich. 

Texas: BBQ brisket sandwich

After being seasoned, the brisket on this sandwich is slow cooked for eight to twelve hours and comes out so tender that it will melt in your mouth.   

Virginia: Ham biscuit sandwich

Topped with country ham and cheddar cheese, these biscuit sandwiches are then warmed up to create a yummy sandwich.   

Get the recipes for our favorite sandwiches here

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