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Green Beans with Almond Brown Butter

Ramona King

Green Beans with Almond Brown Butter


Make butter into a 3-course meal with these creamy, rich dishes

There's no better time to celebrate an ingredient like butter than during our indulgent January. And what better way to feature such a rich, creamy and decadent ingredient than with a whole dinner featuring recipes with butter front and center.

Here are three dishes for your butter-ful evening.  

Green Beans with Almond Brown Butter
Although the green beans might look as if they're taking center stage, the brown butter in which they're tossed is the secret star of the show and gives this verdant dish a warm, nutty flavor. The green beans keep their vibrant green color thanks to blanching them — avoid overcrowding the pot and cook until they're just tender for the best results. 
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Pan-Roasted Fish with Herb Compound Butter
A compound butter is an easy and quick way to elevate a dish and a give it a extra layer of flavor. Feel free to play around with different types of herbs and spices to suit your mood or season — try equal parts parsley, sage, rosemary and marjoram for something classic or for a Cajun kick, try a mix of cayenne, thyme, black pepper, garlic and paprika. 
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Leah Chase's Butter Cake
Aptly named — you'll need to pull out a full pound of butter — this fluffy cake will be the perfect sweet finish to your buttery dinner. With a light vanilla flavor, chef Leah Chase's namesake cake can be served with just about anything, from a scoop of ice cream, to a seasonal fruit compote, or even just a drizzle of caramel sauce. 
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Photo credit (Pan-Roasted Fish with Herb Compound Butter): Ideabar Austin
Photo credit (Butter Cake): Mitch Mandel

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