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Shrimp Po'Boys with Quick Remoulade

Maura Friedman

Shrimp Po'Boys with Quick Remoulade


Bring the best of Bourbon Street to your home with these 6 Mardi Gras recipes

You can't talk about Mardi Gras without mentioning New Orleans — from beignets to po'boys, gumbo to remoulade, and everything in between, the Big Easy is a veritable food fest during this two-week long celebration. So why not bring a bit of that  home by cooking up a Mardi Gras feast, New Orleans style?

Here are six recipes to get the party started.  

Shrimp Po'Boys with Quick Remoulade
A perfect base recipe, feel free to riff on our classic with a combination of seafood, such as oysters, crawfish and shrimp for this delectable sandwich. Hosting a large group? Make it mini by using dinner rolls in place of the baguette, divide the shrimp and toppings equally between them and set in place with a fancy toothpick for a little taste of New Orleans. 
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Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo
The key to a deeply rich gumbo is patience: When making the roux, stir contantly so the flour darkens to the color of chocolate, but be careful that it doesn't burn. No need to worry as much about the chicken and broth — pre-bought broth and a rotisserie chicken will do just fine and give you just as much flavor. 
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Shrimp and Crawfish Etouffee
From the French word that literally means “to smother”, this dish is all about the sauce, thanks to a rich gravy made from a mix of onions, carrots, peppers and shrimp shells, which you can get from your local grocery store — they’ll be glad to sell them to you. Perfect for a dinner party, this hearty dish is best served with white rice or grits and is super adaptable. Once you've made the rich, flavorful base sauce, feel free to use what ever seafood is readily available. 
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Red Beans and Rice
This simple and tasty side dish is loaded with classic Cajun ingredients like Tasso ham, green bell peppers and file powder, which is a unique Cajun ingredient made from ground sassafras leaves that adds a distinctly bitter, herbaceous flavor. Make it vegetarian by omitting the meats and adding in some canned tomatoes for a savory punch. 
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Quick Beignets
Nothing really beats a beignet. Fluffy, fried and covered in a healthy amount of powdered sugar, these little fritters will go fast! Our version makes quick work of an otherwise all-day recipe and can easily be scaled up, making this a crowd favorite at parties or a party of one — you deserve it. 
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Easy Almond King Cake
Finish off your Mardi Gras fete with something sweet and just the right amount of decadent with this classic cake. We’ve lightened up this sugary dessert by using puff pastry sheets, which not only save time, but gives the cake a buttery, flaky texture. Just don’t forget the green, yellow and purple sugar sprinkles! 
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Photo credit (Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo, Quick Beignets, and Easy Almond King Cake): Ramona King 

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