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Beat the heat of summer's dog days with these 3 fish recipes

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Yucatan-style ceviche with avocado


Beat the heat of summer's dog days with these 3 fish recipes

We may be approaching Labor Day, but here in the South we're still in full-on summer mode. When the high temperatures of the dog days of August make it hard to muster up the desire to cook much of anything heavy or meaty, we turn to fish to fill our dinner tables.

Whether you prefer to stay far from the stovetop or just want to lighten up a dinner party menu, here are three fish-filled dishes sure to satisfy.

Yucatan-Style Ceviche with Avocado
There's little better on a hot August night than a cool, refreshing dinner, and our Yucatan-style ceviche certainly fits the bill. In it, pieces of ultra-fresh white fish meet rich and buttery avocado, tangy-sweet orange, juicy tomato, spicy jalapeno and plenty of fresh cilantro. Best of all? You won't even need to step near the oven to prepare it — the fish is "cooked" by the acidity of fresh lime juice, which denatures the proteins of the fish enough to mimic the texture of cooked fish. And while ceviche is often served as simply an appetizer before a larger meal, we think this dish is fit for summer entree status when served with crisp tortilla chips or on top of corn tostadas.
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Eddie Hernandez's Fish Tacos with Poblano Tartar Sauce
If you're up for a more ambitious fish dinner, take inspiration from Atlanta's Taqueria del Sol and make these spicy fish tacos. Owner and chef Eddie Hernandez gives his fish tacos a piquant twist with poblano tartar sauce drizzled over mustard-y, maseca-coated fried chicken. It all gets nestled into a warm flour tortilla with pickled jalapeños for an extra spicy touch. Yes, this recipe requires you to heat up a pot of hot oil, but we think the end result is well worth the effort.
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Light Fish and Potato Soup
Impress your dinner guests with this light-enough-for-summer fish soup from Atlanta chef Anne Quatrano. The elegance of the final dish belies its simplicity: You'll start with an easy and foolproof aioli made in a food processor. Next up is a super-quick fennel-filled broth enriched with chicken stock (yes, you can use storebought). Cook the potatoes on the side to keep the broth clear and add the fish to the broth at the last minute to ensure a perfectly flaky finish. You'll be out of the kitchen in 30 minutes flat.
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