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Announcing Southern Kitchen’s fall recipe contest

Ramona King


Announcing Southern Kitchen’s fall recipe contest

It's starting to feel like fall, and you know what that means — we’re starting to think about our Thanksgiving menu. But we need your help to make it the best meal ever, so we're throwing a recipe contest and we want you to participate.

At Southern Kitchen, we have our fair share of holiday meal traditions, but we want to expand our rituals and customs to include more of our community. Our favorite holiday meals encompass generations of recipes and ideas, bringing together our great-grandmothers' pumpkin pies, our daughters' kale salads and much more. And we’re sure you have some excellent holiday recipes in your home cookbooks, so we’re hoping you’ll share them with us.

In order to find the best of the best in Southern holiday dining, we’re throwing a recipe contest — three of them, actually.

Here’s how it’ll work
Starting today, and again every Wednesday for the next two weeks, we’ll announce a new contest. You’ll have a full month to cook, test and tweak the best of your best recipes before submitting them to us here, or via email to editor@southernkitchen.com. (Don’t worry — we’ll remind you before the deadline.)

If you take a picture, make sure you humblebrag about your recipe on Instagram with the hashtag #southernkitchencontest. We'll repost our favorites.

Our team of chefs and culinary enthusiasts will read through all of the submissions, and we'll choose at least three of our favorite finalists. We’ll bring these recipes into our test kitchen and cook through each of them, from start to finish, then we’ll share our work with you on Facebook Live.

Before crowning the winner, we'll do the hard work (wink-wink) of tasting each recipe. Once the decision is final, we’ll publish the winning recipe, along with all the recipes from our finalists, on our website and social platforms, with plenty of fanfare.

All first-place winners will also receive a hand-picked gift from our Shoppe and will earn a spot on our exclusive Thanksgiving menu!

First up: Pie!

From pecan to pumpkin and chess to chiffon, we’re looking for your very best holiday pies. We don’t care if you favor all-butter pastry or graham cracker crust — as long as your pie looks and tastes great on a Thanksgiving table, we’re all ears (and stomachs).

You have until October 20 — that’s 30 whole days — to send us your best-ever pie recipes. Feel free to submit as many recipes as you’d like, but make them count! The winner will take home a hand-picked pie plate from our shop.

Stay tuned here, as well as on Facebook and Instagram, to follow along.

Next up: Holiday side dishes
Even though cooks across the country fret each year about cooking the perfect turkey, we know that the real hero(es) of Thanksgiving are the side dishes. Holiday sides are the dishes that carry so many family traditions, whether that means always topping sweet potatoes with marshmallows or never cooking the same Brussels sprouts recipe twice.

That’s why our next contest is all about holiday side dishes.

Give us your green bean casseroles, your squash soups, your spinach salads, your potatoes every which way. If it makes an appearance at your Thanksgiving table, it's fair game. You have until October 27 to submit as many side dishes as you'd like, so get in the kitchen to test and tweak your dishes now. Our side dish winner will take home a handmade cheeseboard set from our Shoppe — a beautiful and functional display piece for any holiday meal.

Our final contest: Holiday drinks
Our long holiday season of entertaining is about to be upon us, and with it will come tips on tips around how to best manage the chaos (guilty). The ultimate trick? Keep your cocktail arsenal at the ready.

We’re always looking for new and interesting new cocktails to try, and that’s where you come in. Do you have a mulled wine recipe that is the secret to all of your best holiday parties? Or have you concocted the absolute best twist on an Old Fashioned? Share us your very best in holiday drinks for a chance to win some very snazzy rocks glasses from our friends at Crafthouse by Fortessa, as well as plenty of fame and praise on Southern Kitchen.

You have until November 3, so get your cocktail shakers and your muddlers ready. (And yes, virgin cocktails count.)

The rules are simple

  • Your recipes must be original, and they must fall into our assigned categories.
  • Your recipes can be inspired by previously published recipes, but they must include both unique ingredients and instructions, in your own words.
  • You are welcome to enter as many contests as you’d like, but if one of your recipes wins, you can no longer enter it in a new contest.

(You can read the rules in more detail here.)

Happy cooking!

Photo Credit (pie): Cynthia Hoyt
Photo Credit (cauliflower): Ramona King
Photo Credit (cocktail): Tomas Jasovsky/Unsplash

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