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breakfast sandwich

Ramona King

Sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on a truly Southern buttermilk biscuit


7 of the most uniquely Southern breakfast dishes to add to your brunch lineup, stat

There is something about the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the sound of sizzling bacon in a cast-iron skillet, and the happiness that is evident around the kitchen table. Breakfast is a time-honored tradition in the South where families slow down, friends gather, and strangers are able to appreciate a delicious slow start to their day.

Breakfast is serious business down here and different Southern regions have longstanding traditions that showcase the best their state has to offer. Some dishes are a little crazy, ahem scrapple sandwich, but the ones featured in this list are worth bringing to your own breakfast table. 

Buttermilk Biscuits — and Biscuit Sandwiches
Let's start this list of with something every Southerner can rally behind: biscuits. The perfect biscuit is buttery, fluffy, and tender. They are good all on their own but even better as part of a breakfast sandwich. Thanks to James Beard award winning author and Georgia native, Virginia Willis, we've got the perfect recipe for you. 
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Cream Cheese Kolaches
If you're not from central Texas then there is a good chance you've never heard of kolaches (pronounced koh-la-chee). Almost like a second cousin to a Danish pastry, there are the result of a robust "Czech Belt," which spans the area between Houston, Austin and Dallas. Kolaches are made with brioche dough and often filled with a sweet combination of fruit and cream cheese. Did I mention that they're positively delicious?
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Elvis Pancake Stack
People in Memphis are generally very serious about two things: barbecue and music. There is perhaps no better star from Memphis then the King himself, Elvis. Stories of Elvis's food cravings are legendary and this combination is one of them. This stack cake of a breakfast dish includes all of his favorites — roasted peanuts, hickory-smoked bacon, peanut butter and a heaping helping of chocolate to round it out. While maybe not healthy enough for everyday breakfast, this pancake stack should definitely be tried at least once in your life. 
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Roasted Chicken Chilaquiles
Tex-Mex isn't just about enchiladas and tacos — it also includes breakfast foods like chilaquiles, a traditional Mexican dish that Texans have made all their own. Featuring tomatillos, cilantro, onion, tortilla chips and roasted chicken, this meal is not only incredibly easy to put together but wildly delicious. Rumor has it that this is the definitive perfect post hangover meal. (Just passing that information along!)
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Blueberry Bread 
Mmmm ... the smell of a freshly baked bread is divine. This blueberry bread from contributor Anne Bryn features fresh berries from Georgia. If fresh blueberries are not longer in season, please feel free to substitute with high quality frozen ones. 
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shrimp and gritsShrimp and Grits
Last, but certainly not least, is a Low Country favorite. Shrimp and grits is a popular breakfast dish in cities like Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans. There are several different variations on this iconic meal but the Southern Kitchen favorite features stone-ground grits, heavy cream, and bacon the way God intended.
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Photo (kolaches): Kate Williams
Photo (Elvis stack): Ramona King
Photo (chilaquiles): Courtesy of Springer Mountain Farms
Photo (blueberry bread): Danielle Atkins
Photo (shrimp and grits): Ramona King

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