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Green tomatoes

Anne Byrn

Green tomatoes


7 bright and tangy late summer tomato recipes to enjoy

Nothing screams summer in the South louder than tomatoes. Pick them fresh and chop and throw into any dish to brighten the flavors, slice a few and pair with bread and mayonnaise for a classic tomato sandwich, fry them up green, or throw together a stew with canned tomatoes, the versatile fruit can star as the main ingredient or offer a supporting role on your plate.

We've rounded up these simple tomato recipes that won't make you red in the face from overwork.

Anne Byrn’s Green Tomato and Apple Chutney
As the garden days and nights get cooler and tomatoes on the vine take longer to ripen, make room on your kitchen counter for green tomatoes. This tangy tomato and apple chutney is wonderful for jarring and saving for later. Use it as the perfect accompaniment for fall roasts and stews.
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Fried green tomatoes
Easy Fried Green Tomatoes
Every Southern cook should have fried green tomatoes in their repertoire. Before the 1991 movie Fried Green Tomatoes put the Southern staple in restaurants across the country, this snack was most commonly prepared at home. The key to firm, crisp fried green tomatoes rests in using fully green tomatoes, not those that are slightly beginning to turn red.
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Pan roasted pork chops
Pork Chops With Lady Peas and Tomatoes
Chef Linton Hopkins loves the speed, practicality and taste of this rustic dish. He substituted good-quality canned tomatoes flavored with a few bay leaves for the ketchup, primarily to eliminate the sugar and give it a little extra texture. He recommends serving it with rice and a fresh arugula salad.
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Tomato pie
Anne Byrn’s Homegrown Tomato Pie

We’re not talking about pizza — tomato sauce and cheese covering a thin crust — the North’s version of “pie.” If you like the classic Southern tomato sandwich, you’ll love this savory pie from Anne Byrn. It's based on the same ingredients, plus a couple of "extras" — cheese and fresh basil. And it's pretty enough to serve to company.

We like to use half of our Cream Cheese Pie Dough recipe for the crust of this tomato pie. (Freeze the other half for your next pie.) However, feel free to use your own favorite recipe or even a store-bought pie crust. The tomatoes are the star here.
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Tomato gravy
Creamy Tomato Gravy

Ladle this over biscuits and it is almost a full meal in itself. This gravy also pairs well with fried chicken, pork chops or rice. Our recipe calls for bacon fat, but feel free to substitute it with butter.
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Plum and tomato salad
Plum and Tomato Salad with Ricotta

During the late summer months, black plums and tomatoes both boast the highest levels of sweetness and acidity that each will achieve throughout the growing season, so it only seemed natural to pair them together. Serrano chiles pack more heat than jalapeños, but the burn dissipates faster. Creamy ricotta cheese, fresh mint and toasted peanuts will help cool down the palate from the fiery heat.
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BLT salad
Heirloom Tomato BLT Salad

Ah, the classic BLT. Here, we’ve taken all the flavors of the sandwich and made it into a plateable serving. We've paired this salad with a Green Goddess dressing, which is similar in flavor to a cucumber ranch. Green Goddess dressing offers creamy and herbaceous flavors that nicely complement the bright, acidic tomatoes. Pair this salad with a chicken dinner, or have it as your main meal.
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