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Cast Iron White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies

Ramona King

Cast Iron White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies


6 of our favorite desserts made better by baking in cast iron

Cast iron skillets were made for making desserts. Thanks to a properly seasoned coating, everything from cakes to brownies, cobblers, and cookies get a golden, crisp crust and a perfectly cooked, deliciously gooey interior. Plus, these rustic kitchen wares can go directly from oven to table — what is more impressive than a beautiful cast iron skillet filled with a unbelievable dessert? 

Try these six recipes out in your favorite cast iron skillet on your shelf, or up their stylish flair with a new, elegant skillet from Nest Homeware.

Cast Iron White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies
Pairing tart cranberries and decadent white chocolate gives this classic blondie recipe a sweet and sour twist. Baking these blondies in a cast iron skillet makes them that much more irresistible by giving them a crisp, caramelized crust while leaving the center just-barely-cooked and totally irresistable. 
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Cast Iron Apple Cobbler
Nothing beats a warm apple cobbler for when outside is bitingly cold. (I blame you, Punxsutawney Phil.) Pre-cooking the apples in a cast iron skillet help to release some of their moisture and gives the filling a comforting, thick texture that pairs perfectly with a crisp biscuit topping. We recommend tart Granny Smith apples, which cook nicely under high heat and provide a nice contrast to the sugary sweet filling. 
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Cast Iron Pound Cake
Baking pound cake in a cast iron skillet lends a tender, moist crumb to the cake and gives the exterior a beautifully crisp crust. With a light, sweet flavor, there are dozens of ways to make this cake your own — try serving it with a seasonal fruit compote, a scoop of your favorite ice cream, or a drizzle of homemade caramel sauce
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Apple Clafoutis with Bourbon Caramel Sauce
This classic French dessert, a heavenly mix of a cake and flan, gets a kick of Southern comfort by serving it with a decadent, rich bourbon caramel sauce. Feel free to swap out your favorite seasonal fruit and up the treat-yourself moment by serving it with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. 
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Cast Iron Chocolate Chip Cookie
Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, so why not make it like a cake? A cast iron skillet is the perfect vessel for transforming cookie to cake — you'll end up with a perfectly cooked crust and a center that is just the right amount of ooey gooey. This recipe is super adaptable, so try out different confections, such as M&Ms, white chocolate chips or mini peanut butter cups, inside — the world is your cookie cake! 
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Peach and Blackberry Cobbler
This quick and easy cobbler captures the essence of summer with juicy peaches and sweet-tart blackberries, even if you use frozen fruit in the dead of winter. While you can certainly use a glass baking dish for this ultra-easy dessert, we love the rustic appeal of cast iron.
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Photo credit (Cast Iron Apple Cobbler): Ramona King 
Photo credit (Cast Iron Pound Cake): Danielle Atkins 
Photo credit (Apple Clafoutis with Bourbon Caramel Sauce): Vic Campos 
Photo credit (Chocolate Chip Cookie): Derick Jaros
Photo credit (Cobbler): Ideabar Austin

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