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6 bonfire recipes to enjoy this summer

6 bonfire recipes to enjoy this summer

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and hang out with friends and family around the bonfire. Despite the South’s blazing summer heat, we still gravitate toward the fire at the end of the day to share stories, pass treats around the flames and enjoy each other’s company. To get your party started, Southern Kitchen’s Chef Jeffrey Gardner hand-picked six perfect recipes to help fuel your bonfire party this summer and all year round.


Chef Jeffrey Gardner’s Pimento Cheese
You can never go wrong with chips and dip at a party. And you can really never go wrong with pimento cheese in the South. Gardner’s version of the classic dip mixes grated Monterey Jack and sharp white cheeses with freshly roasted red bell peppers. Serve it up with pretzels, pita chips, toasted bread or your favorite crackers. If you want to make a dish even easier to pass, spread the pimento cheese on some white bread, slice into quarters and pass around these mini sandwiches.
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Homemade Marshmallows
What’s a bonfire without s'mores? This campfire snack is a go-to for any bonfire night, because of how sweetly fun it is to make the ooey-gooey treat over a fire. Elevate your gathering by creating your own marshmallows; it’s easier than you think. Your own delicious homemade recipes are only three hours away.
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Cream Cheese Brownies
Cream cheese anything is always a crowd pleaser. These cream cheese brownies will go quickly, so you may want to make an extra batch to make sure they last through the night. The best part is that these brownies are easy to make and easier to share. Packed with rich flavors of semi-sweet chocolate morsels, brown sugar and softened cream cheese, these sweets are a delicious treat for your get-together.
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Why limit yourself to beer or liquor? Trust us, these drinks will get the party going. This beer cocktail only takes five minutes to make and serves eight people. Southern Kitchen’s beergaritas feature the flavors of Mexican-style beers, and don’t feel shy about adding 6 to 12 ounces of tequila.
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Jack & Coke Slushies
What happens when you combine the refreshing coolness of a slushie with the South’s favorite mixed drink? You get Jack & Coke slushies. By adding Coca-Cola, limeade concentrate and chilled bourbon to an ice cream machine, the slushies can be ready in 20 minutes. Round two will be served in 30.
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Pineapple Mint Iced Tea
Pineapple mint iced tea is a non-alcoholic alternative for your guests to enjoy. The lemon and mint flavors infused into the tea are light and refreshing, and the splash of pineapple juice adds an unexpected twist to the drink. This is a beverage that should be made ahead of time, as it takes about two hours to make, but once it’s ready it serves 10.
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Lauren Booker was a digital content intern at Southern Kitchen during the spring and summer of 2017. 

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