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Nontraditional cornbread crepes

Ramona King

Cornmeal crepes with strawberries and clabbered cream


5 nontraditional twists on classic Southern cornbread

Whether used to soak up the delectable juices seeping from its dinner counterparts or added as a side to your holiday spread, cornbread is a necessity at any Southern dinner table. And while we love true, traditional recipes, there's also something to be said for totally delicious, totally nontraditional cornbread. Try out these five recipes to prove it — just don't tell Grandma!

No matter how much space you have on your dinner table, or in your stomach when it’s time for seconds, there’s always room for cornbread. It is an ideal side for barbecue favorites, chili, country ham and just about anything else that’s edible and has a little extra juice to it — a vehicle to soak up all of the goodness. But cornbread is much more than just a spongy side item in the South. Here are five easy, nontraditional, ways to enjoy cornbread with your meal.

Cornmeal Crepes
This brunch-ready recipe is a perfect blend of Southern flavor and French technique. Cornmeal gives the crepe batter an earthy spin, reminiscent of traditional cornbread but with a lighter, more ethereal texture. Add in some homemade clabbered cream (easier than you think!) and fresh strawberries and you'll be in mid-morning heaven!
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Southern Soda Bread
In another clash of recipe cultures, this sliceable quick bread takes cues from Irish soda bread and classic Southern cornbread. The scoop of yellow cornmeal not only lends color to this bread, but also subtle sweetness and hint of nuttiness. Serve this with just about any soup or stew you've got in your repertoire, or even slice it up and use it as sandwich bread.
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Cornbread Cake
Toasted cornmeal can add a surprising nutty flavor to your usual cake recipe. A sweet cornbread cake pairs great with morning coffee or afternoon tea. Just adjust your flour mix by adding 1/3 cup of yellow cornmeal. When decorating the cake, a sweet frosting will complement the cake well.
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Cornbread Waffles
No maple syrup here — you’re changing up the usual waffle recipe for something a little more savory. Savory cornbread  waffles add shredded cheddar cheese and cornmeal to the batter and cook until they have crispy edges. Best of all? You have a variety of toppings to choose from, including chili, sour cream and of course fried chicken.
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Cornbread Pie Crust
There’s nothing better than a house filled with the smell of fresh-baked pie. Give yours a little flavor twist by adding sweet cornmeal to your flour mix to create a cornbread pie crust instead of the usual pan-liner. It’s surprisingly versatile; you can try it on chicken pot pie or your favorite fruit pie. Blueberries go especially great with this crust.
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Photo (soda bread): Kate Williams