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Pantry Peach Cobbler

Kate Williams

Pantry Peach Cobbler


5 pantry-clearing desserts to make the most with what you’ve got

Nothing inspires good cooking like cleaning out the pantry — the fun and forgotten ingredients you find can lead to tasty pies, decadent cakes and even a cobbler or two. Better yet, because they're made with pantry ingredients like Jell-O, cake mix and more, these types of desserts can last for longer than ones made with the fresh stuff.

Check out these five recipes to get your pantry-busting cooking on. 

Pantry Peach Cobbler
Using canned versus fresh peaches in this recipe is actually a tasty advantage. Typically much sweeter than fresh, drained peaches create a sweet, almost custardy center, and golden-brown, caramelized edges. Top it with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and you’ve got a delicious reward for all of your pantry-clearing work. 
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Mawmaw's Strawberry Cake
Layer cakes can be the perfect way to take care of ingredients that tend to pile up in the pantry — namely Jell-O and cake mix. A healthy dose of fresh strawberries mixed in give it a punch of flavor, making for a beautiful and easy treat.
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Lemon Ice Box Dessert
This tangy frozen dessert takes all of the delicious flavors of a lemon meringue pie and cools them down to create a refreshing and decadent dessert. If taking this beautiful dessert to somewhere beyond your own home, be sure to chill it in a fridge before slicing for the best presentation.
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Strawberry Poke Flag Cake
A Southern favorite, poke cake simply involves poking holes in a baked cake, then pouring a flavorful sauce on top. Ours is soaked in a sweet and decadent sauce made from strawberry Jell-O and frosted with lots of Cool Whip for an ultra-moist cake.
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Key Lime Pie
Got a bunch of graham crackers leftover from a s’mores fest? Perfect! You’ve got yourself a pie crust, thanks to this easy as, well, pie recipe for a classic summertime treat. 
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Photo credit (Mawmaw's Strawberry Cake, Strawberry Poke Flag Cake): Ramona King 
Photo credit (Key Lime Pie): Kate Williams 

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