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Nana's Rutabagas with Pork

Kate Williams

Nana's Rutabagas with Pork


3 soul-warming one-pot meals made easy with the help of a slow cooker

When it starts to get cold outside, there's nothing like the warmth of a rich, slow-roasted meal, which can often mean lots of time sitting by the oven. In comes the slow cooker: By using this reliable, classic kitchen appliance, time-intensive recipes are as simple as flipping a switch — no gas required! 

Here are three recipes that make the most out of using a slow cooker. 

Nana's Rutabagas with Pork
This recipe takes time, but the end results — fall-apart pork and flavorful, hearty rutabagas — are well worth it. Tranferring the recipe to a slow cooker on low heat when the rutabagas are added in will take your mind off of cooking this one pot meal overnight. 
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Mississippi Roast
This classic Southern roast combines a mixture of herbs, pepporchinis and onion soup mix to create a deeply flavorful dish perfect for a cold-night dinner. Instead of braising the roast, brown the meat per the instructions and transfer it to a slow cooker to continue the recipe — the roast will be just as delicious without troubling with the oven. 
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BBQ Brunswick Stew
Using a slow cooker in this recipe yields lots of tender pulled pork and chicken, which makes for the perfect make-ahead meal. For an easy solution to weekday meal prep, double the pulled pork and chicken and reserve for last-minute lunches and dinners. 
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Photo credit (Mississippi Roast): Ideabar Austin

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