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Southern Kitchen's Perfect Grilled Cheese

Ramona King

Southern Kitchen's Perfect Grilled Cheese


3 grilled cheese recipes to satisfy all of your melty, gooey cravings

Grilled cheese is a workhorse meal that you can have for just about any occasion, from party bite to a quick weeknight meal, or even breakfast — just put an egg on it! This comforting sandwich always has the right amount of crunch-to-gooey decadence that everyone craves, especially when the temperature drops.  

Here are some of our favorite grilled cheese recipes for you to try at home. 

Southern Kitchen's Perfect Grilled Cheese
This 15-minute meal will be your new go-to weeknight solution for dinner in a hurry. All you need to remember is the number two: two slices of bread, and two tablespoons each of mayo, cheddar and mozzarella — it's that easy! Complete your meal with a creamy tomato soup for the ultimate in comfort food. 
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Grilled Blue Cheese and Prosciutto Sandwich
The combination of fragrant blue cheese, prosciutto and crusty sourdough makes for the ideal mid-day boost or, with an addition of a fried egg, a hearty breakfast. The key to ensuring that perfect crunch is acheiving GBD, or Golden Brown and Delicious, which you can get in this recipe thanks to a strategic smear of mayo. (Seriously — check out our reasons here.)
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Fontina and Fig Chutney Grilled Cheese Bites
Want to bring a little piece of cheesy goodness to your next shindig? Make it mini with this savory and sweet little bite that is sure to go fast — just remember to save some extra ingredients so you can whip up a full-sized one later. This recipe calls for a homemade fig chutney, which adds a beautiful spicy and smoky flavor, but feel free to buy a storebought version when crunched for time.  
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Photo credit (Fontina and Fig Chutney Grilled Cheese Bites): Lisa Lotts

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