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3 easy and delicious cold dishes to keep you cool

Pimento cheese dip - a cold dish that is perfect for the summer heat.


3 easy and delicious cold dishes to keep you cool

Summers in the South are hot. And we know that sometimes standing over a boiling pot of water or near a 350-degree oven is quite literally the least-cool thing you can imagine doing, so here are three dishes, best served cold, that will provide much-needed reprieve.

Straight from the Southern Kitchen collection of recipes, these dishes don’t require any heat and still let you be in your favorite room of your house — the kitchen.

Pimento Cheese with "Woo Woo Sauce
This pimento cheese dip will bring a different kind of heat to your kitchen or to your summer picnic. One of the most important components of this dish is freshly grated cheese. This dip pairs perfectly with celery or crackers. The recipe also calls for 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, also known as “Woo Woo” sauce, or to your taste. Remember you can always add more, but you can never take any out. So let’s go easy on that Tabasco sauce too.
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Bulldog Caviar
Another colorful dish to add to your summer picnic spread is Bulldog Caviar. Perfect for any occasion — tailgating in the parking lot before a baseball game or sitting on your back porch enjoying the shade — this bean salad brings some seriously refreshing flavor. You’ll spend only 10 minutes on this simple dish and won’t have to go near the stove. Even better, Bulldog Caviar can be a side dish or an appetizer and can be served with tortilla chips. Simplicity is key, people. 
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Bulldog Caviar


Coleslaw with Sweet and Sour Creamy Dressing
Coleslaw is classic dish that is almost always present at any Southern summer meal. When you think Southern summer barbecue, picnic or backyard meal, you assume everyone’s favorite creamy cabbage will be there. The twist on this version turns a traditionally mayonnaise-based dish into a low-fat yogurt and buttermilk-focused slaw. This creamy coleslaw pairs well with grilled pork or other grilled meats.
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