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Tom Collins

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Tom Collins


These 3 effervescent gin cocktails will lift your spirits

Sweet, dry or earthy — gin comes in many different styles and flavor profiles, getting its distinct flavor mainly from botanicals added in either during or after the distillation process. Gin's popularity dates back to Prohibition days when amateur, homemade gin was smuggled into speakeasies.

Today, gin has improved in flavor and quality by leaps and bounds, making it a staple on our home liquor shelves. We’ve rounded up three classic cocktail recipes where gin and fresh lemon juice are the stars.

Bee’s Knees

This gin sour has its roots in the Prohibition era when people used the term “bee's knees” as slang referring to “the best.” Reportedly, the gin used during Prohibition days was so strong, honey and lemon were used to mask its strong taste. Today, honey and lemon act as a sweet and tart complement to the piney, herbal spirit. To make this throwback drink, combine gin, honey simple syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Try it tonight; it’s the bee’s knees.
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Tom Collins

Think of this refreshing drink as gin with sparkling lemonade. Fresh lemon juice is mixed with gin and sugar, then topped with club soda. Pour into a tall Collins glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry and slice of lemon. A Tom Collins pairs perfectly with light vegetarian dishes like a cheese souffle or pasta.
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French 75

Similar to a Tom Collins, this gin cocktail has plenty of fizz. However, the French 75 boasts a boozier, bubbly kick with sparkling wine in place of club soda. We won’t judge if you have this Champagne-topped gin cocktail at breakfast.
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