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puritan cocktail

Beth McKibben

The Puritan Cocktail


Shaken or stirred, these 3 Thanksgiving drinks will pair perfectly with your fall feast

A well-crafted drink at a Thanksgiving gathering takes the meal from good to unforgettable. All of these recipes have make-head components so you can plan well in advance of the big day.  

We've rounded up three distinct drink recipes for inspired imbibing that everyone will be thankful for.

The Puritan Cocktail 
A classic twist on a gin martini, this recipe uses lemon thyme and chartreuse to complement the gin and vermouth. Like any good Thanksgiving recipe, this cocktail uses lemon-thyme bitters that you can make days in advance and is easy to assemble, even between turkey bastings!
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Royal Flush Punch 
A punch is a no-fuss way to serve a big crowd without being stuck at the bar mixing drinks all night. For an added visual twist: Grab a bundt pan or any circular tin, fill halfway with water, add in the garnishes (orange and lemon slices, citrus twists, herbs), freeze overnight and voila! You've got a beautiful ice ring that will keep the punch cool and presentable all day (and evening) long. 
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Modest Means Cocktail 
With a dash of homemade cinnamon-vanilla syrup and a splash of grapefruit, this cocktail has got just the right amount of sweetness for post-turkey bliss. This recipe is easily adaptable for the alcohol-adverse — simply trim it down to equal parts grapefruit, lime and syrup. Don't forget the grapefruit twist for garnish!. 
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Photo credit (Royal Flush Punch): Andrea Smith
Photo credit (Modest Means Cocktail): The Cocktail Club 

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