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Old Fourth Distillery: Cane sugar spirits from Atlanta

Brant Sanderlin, AJC

Currently making vodka, gin and a lemon liquor called Lawn dart, Old Fourth Distillery set up shop in the heart of Atlanta.


Old Fourth Distillery: Cane sugar spirits from Atlanta

About 80 years ago, "drinks before dinner" was not an option. Imagine Thanksgiving dinner with Uncle Bob but no gin and tonic to ease the conversation. Prohibition assaulted America from 1919 to 1933, but Georgia suffered long before that due to the organized temperance movement that began in the state in the late 1820s. In 1885 a statute granted voters the right to impose prohibition in their county, and by 1907 most counties had voted themselves dry. RM Rose was one of the last Atlanta distilleries to close their doors, and no one dared try the process again ... until now.

Enter Old Fourth Distillery, located in the heart of Atlanta. Founded when a group of five guys -- childhood friends and business partners (two of whom are brothers,) -- stepped out of their comfortable jobs in technology and real estate to open Atlanta's first distillery since the early 1900s, Old Fourth Distillery has made a name for itself in the Southern spirits market in recent years.

What makes Old Fourth Distillery different?

Rather than working through corn or potatoes to achieve the sugars required for fermentation, Old Fourth Distillery gets right to the source using pure cane sugar. This process saves space and time, but also leaves no waste product. Forget the big-name sugar mills, though; O4D prefers to source their product from a small Louisiana farm that offers organic, non-GMO sugar that is processed in a sustainable manner, leaving the micronutrients in the finished product. The juniper berries and other botanicals used to produce gin are also organic.

Need more reasons to drink Old Fourth Distillery's spirits? Read the full story at AccessAtlanta.

Iron Butterfly with Old Fourth Distillery vodka

If you're looking for a drink that goes perfectly with that O4D cane sugar, try an Iron Butterfly. It's the perfect nightcap to sweeten your evening.

Iron Butterfly mixed drink

1 ounce Old Fourth Distillery vodka
1 ounce Kahlua
1 ounce Irish cream (like Bailey's)

Pour over all ingredients over ice and stir.
Serve in rocks glass.