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Ole Smoky Moonshine

Ole Smoky Moonshine


Four of our favorite moonshines that totally won't make you go blind (and actually taste great)

Moonshine has a long and fascinating history in America that includes outlaw rebels, Prohibition and surprisingly, the origins of Nascar. The spirit was an American tradition in the Appalachian hills even before America won its independence in 1776. With such a rich history, it's no surprise that moonshining has developed a cult following with deep roots.

The art of distilling moonshine with a range of different flavors and proofs has really gained momentum in the last few years. Just like wine, beer or any other spirit, moonshine has become much more mainstream and captured the attention of connoisseurs across the country. And while there are plenty of distilleries selling the spirit these days, there are certainly some that are better than others. To help you stock your bar, we've scoured the world of moonshine crafting distilleries and found the tastiest moonshines in America.

Ole Smoky Moonshine
Ole Smoky Moonshine is our best recommendation for any newcomers who are curious about moonshine. The company offers a ton of different flavors with a range of bottles with relatively low proof. If you're new to drinking moonshine, start out with a 35 to 40 proof (20 percent alchohol by volume (ABV)) batch and work your way up. Apple pie, sweet tea, butterscotch and lemon drop are just a few of the distinct flavors that Ole Smoky has available.

It also, of course, churns out 100+ proof moonshines such as Blue Flame. This high quality moonshine packs a sweet punch with a proof of 128 (65 percent ABV).

Midnight Moon Moonshine
Midnight Moon is another distiller that offers a line of flavored moonshines that are great if you're new to the spirit. Focusing on fruit flavors specifically, it takes a more natural flavor profile to heart. It offers peach, cherry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry and a few other fruity flavors. Each Mason jar is filled with fruit that gradually infuses the 100 proof (50 percent ABV) moonshine while it sits on your bar shelf, making Midnight Moon great if you're looking for a sweet and fruity spirit.

Climax Moonshine
For a more traditional take on moonshine, look no further than Climax Moonshine, located in Climax Virginia. Founder Tim Smith started out distilling his moonshine illegally, but luckily for us, recently decided to go legit and bring his craft to a mainstream audience. He distills the 90 proof (45 percent ABV) moonshine from a corn, rye and barley malt mash. 

In addition to Smith's traditional blend, he sells a spicy cinnamon-infused moonshine called Fire No. 32, as well as a wood-fired whiskey that is aged in toasted oak barrels and has hints of maple.

The World's Best Moonshine
Last but certainly not least on our list of delicious moonshines is The World's Best Moonshine. Located in South Carolina, Dark Corner Distillery makes this 100 proof (50 percent ABV) moonshine with its not-so-subtle name. This moonshine has received award after award at tasting competitions across the country, so the name is actually fitting.

Made in small, hand-mashed batches, The World's Best Moonshine is a blend of corn, red wheat and barley that is twice distilled to create a purer spirit. While there are no assorted flavors available for this brand, we would definitely recommend drinking this moonshine neat.

These are just a few of the tastiest moonshines being produced in America. With so many moonshiners participating in this age old tradition, you can bet that there will be plenty more mouthwatering spirits making their way to our bars in the future. Just be sure to enjoy responsibly.

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Kyle Doran is a Colorado local and writer for Mile Hi Distilling, a manufacturer of high quality moonshine stills and other distilling products.  Kyle is fascinated by the distilling process and loves to discuss different varieties of spirits and liquors.  His favorite spirits are moonshine, whiskey and bourbon.