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Classic Margarita

Ramona King

Classic margarita on the rocks


Shake up these two light, classic cocktails for a toast to the end of summer

With fall approaching, we're moving our lazy summer evening gatherings on front porches to the indoors for rousing conversations and party games around the dinner table.

If you're in need of a spritely, pick-me-up cocktail for indoor game nights with friends, shake up these two classic, light and citrusy cocktails and toast to the end of summer.

Classic Moscow Mule
Our classic Moscow mule strikes the perfect balance between light, spicy and boozy. This simple recipe calls for less than five ingredients. Shake up the vodka and fresh lime juice, then top with sparkly ginger beer. Even though this cocktail is vodka-based, the ginger beer packs most of the punch. Using ginger beer instead of ginger ale will give you the classic Moscow mule spice.
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Classic Margarita
This recipe for a classic margarita is light, fresh and easy. Just shake up the three ingredients, and it's ready to serve. If you want to top the rim with salt, circle a lime wedge around the rim and dip the glass upside down into a plate of kosher or margarita salt. Using just lime juice and forgoing the typical agave or honey lends a bright, cheery kick to your margarita.
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