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Bourbon-Mint Strong Palmer Cocktail

Kate Williams

Bourbon-Mint Strong Palmer Cocktail


Easy-breezy and icy cold, 10 refreshing cocktails to shake up your summer

Now that the calendar is just about to turn over to summer (and it feels like we've been there for weeks), it's time to dive into the deep end of refreshing, cooling cocktails that are cookout-, porch- and picnic-ready.

Whether you prefer your summer refresher blended or on the rocks, at least a few of our favorite 10 summer Southern cocktails will surely suit your fancy. 

Bourbon-Mint Strong Palmer Cocktail
Nothing says summertime cookouts and patio life quite like an Arnold Palmer. We’ve added a bit of a kick to this classic drink with a splash of bourbon and some refreshing mint, but this drink can easily be made sans alcohol for the those that prefer it without.
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Summer Crush Cocktail
This fruit-tastic cocktail has a beautifully refreshing herbal note from a mix of basil and mint leaves, and, despite the generous pour of bourbon, finishes smooth with hints of watermelon and lemonade. It's perfect for sipping on a porch after a long summer day. 
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Red Sangria
The ultimate “one-pitcher” cocktail, sangria is easy to mix up and hits the spot after a long hot day — just be sure to let it sit in the fridge for at least 24 hours to let the wine, sweet citrus liquors and orange juice blend into a beautifully fragrant drink.
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Agave Margarita
The best thing about this margarita — aside from its simplicity — is that you can riff off of its basic formula. If you want to make a strawberry margarita, puree up some fresh strawberries and try various measurements to get your desired sweetness. Swap in some mezcal for a smokier taste. The possibilities are endless!
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Bourbon Peach Cooler
Iced tea gets a good dose of Southern flavor in this cocktail thanks to a healthy mix of rich bourbon, sweet peach nectar and fruity schnapps. To take your peachy drink over the top, garnish with a thin peach wedge. 
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Southern Kitchen's Frosé
When you want to take your #RoseAllDay life to the next level, freeze it. This blended wine cocktail couldn’t be simpler and can easily be scaled up to serve all of your rose-loving friends.
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Whiski-Tiki Cocktail
The South meets the South Pacific in this whiskey-infused tiki drink. With a mix of pineapple and orange juice, almond syrup and lime bitters, this cocktail is easy breezy — just don’t forget the edible flowers and pineapple wedge!
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Mint Julep
For the those that prefer a classic cocktail, look no further than the Mint Julep — ours rightfully sticks to the traditional ingredients, but comes with a couple helpful tips to make the most out of this refreshing blend of bourbon, mint and simple syrup.
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Bourbon Prosecco Spritzer
If you're looking for a new way to make use of that bottle of bourbon permanently in stock on your bar cart, try this subtly herby and citrusy punch topped with effervescent prosecco. This recipe takes a bit of extra effort in crafting the sage syrup, but the results (that can be stored up to a week for many more cocktails) are well worth it.
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Frozen Strawberry Margaritas 
You can’t go all summer without having at least one frozen margarita, so make the most of the season with a strawberry version of the classic blended drink. Ran out of strawberries? This recipe is perfectly adaptable, so feel free to experiment with other fresh fruit. Georgia peach margaritas. anyone?
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Photo credit (Summer Crush Cocktail, Bourbon Peach Cooler, Whiski-Tiki Cocktail): Coopers' Craft Bourbon
Photo credit (Agave Margarita, Southern Kitchen's Frosé, Mint Julep, Frozen Strawberry Margaritas): Ramona King 
Photo credit (Bourbon Prosecco Spritzer): Cynthia Hoyt

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