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Red, white and blue cocktails

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Red, white and blue cocktails


Celebrate America with 11 festive red, white and blue cocktails

In a little less than two weeks, we'll be celebrating Independence Day by taking a dip in the pool, grilling some burgers and hot dogs, watching fireworks explode in the sky and of course, sipping on festive cocktails.

To help you plan your drink menu, we've chosen our favorite Southern Kitchen cocktails that are both perfect for day drinking and appropriately colored in the shades of the American flag. Add at least one of each color cocktail to your perfect party drink table.

Red cocktails 

Oaks Lily Cocktail
This bright red cocktail is a slightly sweeter riff on a cosmopolitan, tempered with tart cranberry and lemon juice. To make it easy to serve at your Fourth of July event, you can mix the orange liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup and cranberry juice in a big batch and have your guests mix it with ice and vodka to taste. 
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Southern Kitchen's Frosé
With the blazing Southern heat of July beating down on us as we’re cooking at the grill, nothing quenches our thirst more than sipping on this frozen summer cocktail. Between its brilliant hue, smooth blended texture and easy-drinking low-ABV, frosé truly is one of the best #allday cocktails. The best way to save time while making this drink at your outdoor gathering, make sure to freeze the bottle of rosé the morning of the party — it’ll take four to six hours to solidify. By freezing the rosé in advance you’ll be able to easily blend it with strawberries and vodka to serve your guests in less than 10 minutes. 
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Spicy Bloody Mary with Pickled Okra from "Southern from Scratch"
We like to kick off our Fourth of July right with a savory cocktail that packs a spicy punch. Developed by cookbook author Ashley English, this recipe includes a special Southern ingredient — pickled okra brine. “I didn’t think I liked Bloody Marys until I started making my own,” English said.  “What it needed was a bit of pickled okra brine, is all.” This recipe only makes one drink, so if you’re planning on serving this cocktail to a crowd, make sure to scale up accordingly.
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Frozen Strawberry Margaritas

When it comes to frozen cocktails, a frozen margarita is a perfect summer sipper. To create a festive Fourth of July drink, we added some fresh strawberries to our classic recipe. The fruity twist gives the margarita its bright red color and a hint of sweetness you wouldn’t find in the average marg. Ran out of strawberries? This recipe is perfectly adaptable, so feel free to experiment with other fruit.
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White cocktails
Lavender Collins
Sipping on a lavender Collins is like sipping on summer itself. The gin-based cocktail has both citrusy and floral notes that are perfect for a garden party soiree. To enhance the notes of lavender in the cocktail we suggest using a floral, botanical gin, such as St. George’s Botanivoire. We love garnishing this drink with fresh lavender for a pop of color. 
Get the recipeMoonshine Mule Cocktail
Think of this cocktail as a Russian immigrant settling in the South. Simple but tasty, this drink replaces the traditional vodka in a Moscow mule with good ol’ Southern moonshine (a.k.a. unaged white whiskey). Copper mugs are the most traditional serving glass, but you can always substitute a Mason jar instead.
Get the recipeMezcal-Green Tea Strong Palmer Cocktail
A staple of Southern patios and backyards throughout the South, the Arnold Palmer is named for the legendary golfer. We've turned the drink on its head (and made it adults-only) by adding smoky mezcal to the mix. To complement the liquor's earthy character, we've also fashioned this cocktail using green tea, instead of the classic black. While we’re day drinking at an outdoor party we like the drink on the low ABV-side, so we like to use only one ounce of mezcal per drink; add up to two ounces if you'd like.
Get the recipeMint Julep
For the those who prefer a classic cocktail, look no further than the Mint Julep — ours rightfully sticks to traditional ingredients, but our recipe includes with a couple helpful tips to make the most out of this refreshing blend of bourbon, mint and simple syrup.
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Blue cocktails
Punch for Two from Whiskey Bird
You had us at blueberry syrup and bourbon. This boozy blue punch, courtesy of Whiskey Bird in Atlanta, will be the talk of your Fourth of July party. A mixture of sparkling wine, lemon and grapefruit juice, bourbon and splashes of bubbly sparkling wine and club soda, this cocktail is a refreshing drink that will turn any frown upside down on Fourth of July … and really any time throughout the summer. 
Get the recipeFrozen Bourbon-Lime Bramble Cocktail    
Embrace the hot summer season with this lush frozen cocktail. It's got a refreshing kick, thanks to fresh mint leaves, along with bourbon for a sweet, maple note, and a healthy amount of blackberries for vibrant festive color and flavor. 
Get the recipeBlueberry Mojito
To turn a classic mojito into a proper Fourth of July cocktail, swap out the acerola pulp in this recipe for fresh blueberries. Add a handful of the fresh fruit to the cocktail shaker at the same time you’re muddling the mint, lime and agave nectar. Remember: This recipe only makes one drink, so if you’re planning on serving them to a crowd, plan accordingly.   
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