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Classic Daiquiri

Ramona King

Classic daiquiri


2 bright, zippy -- and easy -- rum cocktails that will transport you to a tropical island

Few spirits give off a beachy, island vibe like rum. One sip of a sweet rum cocktail will have you thinking of sunny days and crashing waves. It’s no wonder, as rum is largely produced today in the Caribbean and Latin America.

These two classic Cuban rum cocktails are sure to keep the island vibes flowing whether you’ve just gotten back from a late summer beach trip, or if you’re dreaming of a tropical getaway.

Classic Daiquiri
Before you let your mind wander to the thought of one too many sugary frozen daiquiris out of the pouch, it might help to know that the classic daiquiri is actually a clear, light cocktail with fresh lime juice that brings a citrusy brightness to the drink. Like a margarita, a daiquiri can be transformed into several variations using different flavor combinations. But a made-from-scratch daiquiri is easy to master first, with a touch of sweetness from simple syrup and a splash of lime juice.
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Classic Mojito
The combination of simple syrup, fresh citrus and cool mint pays a pretty compliment to the rum. In our classic mojito recipe, just-picked mint leaves are gently muddled to release the essential oils with rum, simple syrup and lime juice. After shaking up the ingredients, top off your glass with club soda and you’ve got a minty, light mojito.
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