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Frola (Frozen Bourbon & Cola) Cocktail

Coopers' Craft Bourbon

Frola (Frozen Bourbon & Cola) Cocktail


10 frozen cocktail recipes to cool you down when the heat rises

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to shake off the last bits of spring and dive right into summer — and what better way to kick off the season of sun (and sunscreen!) than with the perfect frozen cocktail?

Here are 10 cocktail recipes to warm your blender up and cool you right back down.

Frola (Frozen Bourbon & Cola) Cocktail
Yes, you read right — Frola. It's a beautiful, sweet and boozy blend of frozen bourbon and cola, with a dash of butterscotch snapps and vanilla that'll keep your body temp down and your spirits high. Consider this your new favorite way to drink bourbon. 
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Frosé Y'all
When you want to take your #RoseAllDay life to the next level, freeze it! This blended wine cocktail couldn’t be simpler and can easily be scaled up. 
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Blended Cuba Libre
This fragrant tropical cocktail uses falernum, which, if not in your cocktail pantry yet, is a Caribbean syrup that gives off notes of ginger, citrus and almond. Paired with a splash of Mexican Coca-Cola and rum, its deep, rich sweetness is perfect for a summertime nightcap or drinkable dessert. 
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Frozen Bourbon-Lime Bramble Cocktail
Embrace the season with this lush spring-in-a-glass, thanks to fresh mint leaves for a refreshing kick; bourbon for a sweet, maple note; and a healthy amount of blackberries for vibrant color and flavor. 
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Frozen Rosé Sangria
Frozen. Rosé. Sangria. This drink takes a bit of extra effort — you will have to whip up strawberry-mint syrup —  but the results speak for themselves. Use any extra syrup in a gin (or vodka) and tonic.
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Summer Crush Cocktail
This fruit-tastic cocktail has a beautifully refreshing herbal note from a mix of basil and mint leaves, and, despite the generous pour of bourbon, finishes smooth with hints of watermelon and lemonade. It's perfect for sipping on a porch after a long summer day.  
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Tequiling Me Softly
A riff on a classic margarita, this icy concoction gets a serious dose of complex sweetness with the addition of amaro and fernet, along with a splash of lime and pineapple juice to brighten it up. For perfect presentation, top this drink off with a slice of lime and a sprinkle of ground nutmeg. 
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Whiski-Tiki Cocktail
The South meets the South Pacific in this whiskey-infused tiki drink. With a mix of pineapple and orange juice, almond syrup and lime bitters, this cocktail is easy breezy — just don’t forget the edible flowers and pineapple wedge! 
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Tree Frog Cocktail
Some folks will tell you it takes two bananas to make a daiquiri — ours needs only a half for this riff on the classic tropical drink, thanks to a dash of ginger syrup and lime juice. 
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Getting Caught in the Rain Cocktail
And now for something a little different — this spin on a piña colada goes green with fragrant basil leaves blended into a mixture of rum, cream of coconut and ginger. Note: Cocktail umbrellas, although not mandatory, make this drink that much more amazing. 
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Photo credit (Frosé Y'all): Randy Schmidt 
Photo credit (Blended Cuba Libre): Maggie Morgan 
Photo credit (Frozen Bourbon-Lime Bramble Cocktail, Summer Crush Cocktail, Whiski-Tiki Cocktail): Coopers' Craft Bourbon 
Photo credit (Frozen Rosé Sangria): Jordan Farrell
Photo credit (Tequiling Me Softly): East Bistro and Bar 
Photo credit (Tree Frog Cocktail): Heirloom Hospitality 

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